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Office and Archives of David Irwin Moshier
21 Harewood Road, North West
Washington, D.C. 20011-4902
United States of America

The Office and Archives of David Irwin Moshier provide the administrative infrastructure for Dr. Moshier's activities outside his service to the Federal Government. These activities include the Archives; preaching and pastoral ministries; Noble House of Mesta; and Office and Archive Press.


The Archives is responsible for the organization and proper storage of Dr. Moshier's accumulated papers and ephemera, for their occasional display, and for their future disposition. As over the years some material has been disposed of or lost, so the sum of material remaining provides a complete but not comprehensive record of Dr. Moshier's life and activities. An active acquisition program obtains additional material and ephemera from time to time for the purpose of filling in gaps and rounding out the full collection.

The Archives hold some papers and ephemera of Dr. Moshier's parents and family and is currently concerned with preservation of items in this grouping which have, up to now, been improperly stored and are at risk of complete deterioration or disintegration.

Preaching and Pastoral Ministries

Dr. Moshier is a Teaching Elder of the Reformed Presbyterian Church (Hanover Presbytery), having been received in 1995. His cuurent schedule allows him to accept calls for pulpit supply and other speaking engagements. Personal pastoral services (weddings and funerals) are available on a very limited basis. Please note that Dr. Moshier presently is not authorized to perform weddings in the District of Columbia.

Noble House of Mesta

By warrant signed October 11, 1998, His Serene Highness Kermit William I, Chief of the Dynastic House of Polanie Patrikios, created Dr. Moshier Baron of Mesta. The context of this appointment is best explained by directing the reader to the Internet Chivalry and Knighthood Information Center.

Mesta is a medieval village located on the Greek Island of Chios. It is more fully described at its website.

Dr. Moshier serves the Dynastic House as its representative in Washington and, as warranted, to fraternal entities. His duties include conveying messages from the Prince or serving as his personal represntative to foreign embassies and to other, historic Royal and Dynastic Houses. Dr. Moshier produces a regular summary of articles and periodicals deemed of interest to the Prince and on occasion proposes honors to be presented by the Dynastic House.

Office and Archive Press

The Press produces periodicals as well as books. It utilizes the services of Lulu Press relieving the burden of inventory and enabling fulfillment on demand either in print or electronically.

The newsletter of the Office and Archive, The Mid-Atlantic Lighthouse, began in 1993 as a denominational publication edited and published by Dr. Moshier. It is available as an electronic document without charge. To add your name to the mailing list, e-mail

The first book produced by Office and Archive Press was the edit of The Rt. Rev. Dr. Michael K. Layne's book, Called unto A Reasonable Service. Dr. Layne is a bishop in the Lutheran Orthodox Church and the founder of St. Paul Christian University. This book may be ordered directly from

Office and Archive Press lists as its affiliate Blue Ridge Mountain Books, publishers of Tyler's Mountain Magic. Visit them at their website.

About Dr. David Irwin Moshier

He has been described by others as "a one-man ecumenical movement". His personal description of his almost thirty years of ministry is "that of a mechanic". However it is characterized, the record demonstrates a commitment internationally recognized for building up the Church Universal and strengthening the men and women called to its service.

A native of Virginia, David Irwin Moshier had established a career in banking and academic administration before entering the ministry. Starting as a local preacher in the Wesleyan Church, he would serve the denomination in three pastoral assignments in Maryland and Virginia.

His first denominational position would be Secretary of Extension and Evangelism for the Capital District of The Wesleyan Church. Transferring to the American Evangelical Christian Churches, in 1992 he was tapped by the National Moderator to become Director of Government Relations as well as Moderator of the Mid-Atlantic Region. The following year, the Board of Directors elected him to the newly created position of National Executive Director. Having led negotiations with the Government of Canada for legal recognition, he would serve as the first Vice President of the American Evangelical Christian Churches in Canada. The Reformed Presbyterian Church (Hanover Presbytery) received Dr. Moshier in 1995 and the following year he would be first elected to the office of Stated Clerk - the chief operating officer of the denomination.

Dr. Moshier's commitment to developing new modes of delivering ministerial education would lead to his affiliation with Covered Bridge Ministries and its educational arm in Indiana. He served on the Board of Directors, as Vice President, and held professorial rank in homiletics, liturgy, chaplaincy studies, and church history.

In 1997, Dr. Moshier launched the itinerant ministry which would result in the associations he has developed across a broad spectrum of Christian denominations and associations of all sizes and methods of ordination. Through this worldwide network, Dr. Moshier has been blessed to acquire a network of fellowship which encourages him as he seeks to encourage them. He has travelled widely, preaching in churches and speaking in conferences across the United States and Canada.

In the course of work with an organization in Great Britain, Dr. Moshier first encountered hereditary nobility and their orders of chivalry. In addition to being created Baron of Mesta, he has been admitted to several orders of chivalry - many at the highest rank.

Dr. Moshier and his wife, Bonnie, reside in the Superintendent's Lodge on the grounds of the historic United States Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cemetery in North West Washington, D.C.

Contacting Dr. Moshier

Dr. Moshier welcomes inquiries related to his ministry and efforts in support of the cause of chivalry. As his schedule permits, he is available to provide pastoral services such as weddings or funerals, for pulpit supply, or as an event speaker.

The Reverend Dr. David I. Moshier
21 Harewood Road, North West
Washington, D.C. 20011-4902
United States of America
Telephone: (202) 726-1944

Dr. and Mrs. David I. Moshier are shown
flanking their niece, Mrs. Karen Chauvaux, on April 3, 2011
Photo Credit: Cameron Chauvaux